Fan-supported and creator-distributed, “Dark Darkness” is filmed in Bellingham, Wash., under the direction of Wilson Large and is co-produced by Wilson Large and James Pidgeon.

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This Adventure/Comedy/Fantasy web series follows four cross genre, headstrong characters who are reluctant allies, using their individual powers to establish themselves as “Dark Lords” or combining them together for a greater purpose, leading them to question the value of friendship and how to navigate the million shades of gray in the darkness.

 Dark Darkness is in development. We have screenplay's written for Season Zero which is currently in production, and season's 1 & 2. Our goal is to independently produce Season Zero, capturing the flavor of the series and characters while experimenting with different production design styles. We are taking our time to do it right and have an accurate representation of the quality of work we can make. Once Season Zero is finished, we hope to have developed a fan base and a pitch package that will either get our next couple of seasons funded by crowd sourcing or studio funding. Please help us spread the word to your friends about Dark Darkness by sharing the videos and comics as they come out and "Like" our Facebook page and Subscribe to our Twitter and YouTube channels. We are sure the more content we get out there, the more you will be a fan of Dark Darkness.

Dark Darkness is an offbeat adventure/ fantasy/ comedy that offers elements of almost every genre of geek and nerd culture. Within our world, there are wizards, vampires, snakemen and all manner of fantastical people and creatures. Within the hidden societies that these dark and powerful beings live, you are just as likely to find an average person who idolizes the dark mythic's style, culture and of course, the darkness. The tone of the series is moody combined with a bright color palette to offer something that plays to the theme of Dark Magic and then glosses over it with poppy colors and characters. The utilization of older FX techniques will lend itself to the comedy elements which are otherwise character and dialog driven. The opening episode of season 1 takes place at the annual Darkness Convention which will set the series' tone in art direction, comedic characters and writing. The idea of the Darkness Con is the same as any other Con that people go to to celebrate the things they love. The audience will be able to identify with the principle characters through their mutual appreciation for a convention. At the darkness convention we meet Ronald who's appearance is right out of the 80's classic "Revenge of the Nerds", Ronald is obsessed with snacks, traps and the notion that chicks think he's hot. We also meet the dread vampire wizard Mordecai who is short tempered and Jerry the Snakeman who is even keeled and a diplomat who can also communicate telepathically with reptiles. Ganamazol makes a dramatic entrance with her sorceress ninja queen skills to reveal that Dr. Darkness has been murdered and our four main protagonists are to blame, setting into motion the epic adventure forcing these unlikely allies to band together to solve the mystery and clear their name.

Proud selection of Raindance Web Fest 2016! Screening Saturday October 1st at 18:00, buy tickets here.