Can A Darkness Loving D&D Nerd, Vampire Wizard, Sorceress Ninja Queen and a Snakeman Save the World From Eternal Darkness?

Tagline- Who Will decide how much Darkness is too Dark?


Three Supernatural misfits and an RPG Dungeon Master pursue an evil mastermind to clear their names while facing their greatest challenge of all- not killing each other in the process.


Dark Darkness is an offbeat epic about Ronald a D&D nerd, Mordecai a dread vampire wizard, Ganamazol a sorceress ninja queen and Jerry the Snakeman who all individually receive a mysterious invitation from Dr. Darkness to his Darkness convention. When they meet at the Darkness convention, they have only enough time to discover how much they clash before they are all simultaneously framed for a grisly murder. Forced to work together to solve the mystery and clear their names, they blunder onto a greater plot of a Dark Lord’s lust for power to hunt down ancient artifacts needed to perform the ritual of Magog and throw the world into eternal darkness.

Now our four cross genre characters must use their individual powers to establish themselves as “Dark Lords” or combine them together for a greater purpose, leading them to question the value of friendship and how to navigate the million shades of gray in the darkness.

Who will decide how much Darkness is too Dark?

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy/Adventure


The epic tale of Ronald, Ganamazol, Mordecai and Snakeman is planned for a trilogy of feature films. The world of Dark Darkness goes deep and wide with intriguing peripheral characters all of whom have thoroughly fleshed out back stories. Plans for spinoffs and peripheral character development include, web comics, web series, table top gaming, novels and VR content.


DK Reinemer- Ronald

Elle Viane Sonnet- Ganamazol

Morgan Grobe- Mordecai

Jordan Donovan- Snakeman

Amy Villainous- Herself

Additional casting will target recognizable names to attract a larger audience and revenues.


Wilson Large

(Producer / Director / Showrunner)

Wilson has worked in the film industry for 25 years and has three titles in distribution and is consistently dedicated to quality and integrity drawing in Emmy award winning Hollywood crew to his independent production. Large’s credits range widely in departments so his ability to communicate and understand all of the components of the production crew are fully comprehensive. Large is the CEO of One World Communications LTD. in operation since 1999 and recently formed D4 productions to operate the business of the Dark Darkness intellectual property.

Garvin Eddy

(Producer / Production Designer)

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Garvin Eddy has been an Emmy award winning entertainment designer for over 4 decades in Hollywood. His scores of television and film credits include The Cosby Show, Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and That 70’s Show. He has also been a professor at Art Center College of Design, the University of California Santa Barbara and the University of British Columbia. In 2010 the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences inducted him into the Archive of American Television

RW Goodwin


Bob is enthusiastic about Dark Darkness and has offered to help with connections to industry cast and crew.

A five-time Emmy Award nominated and the recipient of three Golden Globe Awards, R.W Goodwin is the director and co-producer with James Swift of the new feature film, Alien Trespass, starring Eric McCormack.

As an Executive Producer for his work on the hit, cult television series, The X-Files, Goodwin received four Emmy Nominations for Outstanding Drama Series. The producer and director has numerous made-for-television movies and series to his credit. In addition to his work on The X-Files, Goodwin was Executive Producer for television series including Hooperman, Mancuso, FBI, Life Goes On and The Fugitive, to name a few. Born Too Soon, Living a Lie, Those She Left Behind, Downpayment on Murder, Acceptable Risks and the Hallmark Hall of Fame, The Winter of Our Discontent are among the many Network TV movies Goodwin has produced. As co-head of independent Goodmark Productions, Goodwin produced the Richard Donner-directed motion picture, Inside Moves.

Goodwin has also served as a writer on one episode of The X-Files as well as directing nine episodes of the long-running series, which starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Among additional recognition that Goodwin has received for his work, includes an Emmy Nomination in the category of Outstanding Children's Program for the television movie, The Girl Who Spelled Freedom.

Goodwin was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, to an American father and an Australian mother, so from birth has had dual citizenship with both countries. He came to the United States at the age of two, lived two years in Boston, then moved to Southern California where he was raised. He graduated from UCLA before starting work in the mail room at CBS. From there he worked his way up to producing, writing and directing. He is married to actress Sheila Larken who appeared in the recurring role of Scully's mother on The X-Files. Since 1993, the Goodwins have lived in northwest Washington state.


* Targeting the comic-con attending, gaming, nerd/geek pop culture audiences of all ages.

*A carefully planned Trans-media IP including a trilogy of features, web series, board games, and literature to create a full spectrum of content which increases PR, audience engagement and brand loyalty.

* Worldwide festival play and awards for IP web series.

* The perfect mix of recognizable cast and new faces with fresh talent.